"Every shoe is an interview!"

Why Shiny Shoes?

Win Or Lose Have Shinny Shoes is a social enterprise which aims to inspire and give homeless, long term unemployed people the opportunity to regain the pride and dignity associated with work… on their terms!

“Have you ever given a homeless person money, food or other support”?

We (Mandalay Wellbeing CIC) have been running a group called ‘TATA’ in Great Yarmouth for the last 18 months which provides free food, clothing, medical support and much more to Homeless and people in need. We have been seeing the same people every week… nothing changes… ’Win Or Lose Have Shiny Shoes’ aims to help people make the decision to gain employment, when and where possible.




We are all a small step away from being homeless!

It can happen to anyone at anytime, divorce, debt, relationship breakdown, abuse, addiction, mental health, prison… whatever the reason or cause, it can be a very sharp downwards trajectory when it happens and very difficult to get back on track.

We have been working with people that have not had employment for 20+ years… yet they still want to work. Its hard enough to get a job anyway, but without an address, a suit, a shower, anything on a CV… what happens?
A life on benefits, which we all pay for? Begging on the streets, drug addiction, alcohol dependency, crime, forced prostitution? Health problems, mental health problems, dependants and family emotional challenges?… 3 people who attended ‘TATA’ have died on the streets since we started.

Homelessness is a cost to all of us. We want to give these people the opportunity to work and show potential employers that they want to work…

‘Win Or Lose Have Shinny Shoes’

What can you do to help?

Firstly, if you see someone offering to clean your shoes, they are doing so on there own terms. We loan a person the shoe shine box and equipment after they have passed a free of charge training course (this could be the first certificate and entry on a CV they have ever had) for an agreed amount of time and used at a specified location. Both WOLHSS and our ‘Shiner’ have a chat before they go to work, just to make sure they are OK and in the right frame of mind.

1. Get your shoes shined ! They will charge £1.00, 50p to them 50p to us for polish etc. You will be given a raffle ticket for a weekly small prize draw, this helps us with accounting. Tips go directly to the ‘Shinner’ if you are happy.

2. Get a photo of you being happy to have your shoes shinned by us and supporting a homeless person into employment… send to us or use #wolhss.

3. Sponsor a shoeshine box. Its great publicity, helps people change lives and save money for us all in the long run. We are happy to discuss individual and multiple deals via telephone Trevor 07935 115641.

4. Buy a T Shirt or Mug… stylish… yet caring.

5. Volunteer for us. It doesnt matter who or where you are, we would love to talk to you about opportunities.

6. Become a distribution point… We want this to go nationwide, so we need people to store and distribute boxes, preferably Town and City central interested? Get in touch!

7. Donate something – CLICK HERE

8. Share, Like, RT, Follow…

9. Ideas ! We are tiny… basically it’s just a couple of us! We don’t know everything, it feels right what we are doing, but we appreciate constructive feedback.

Thank you


We are eternally grateful for the funding and support we receive from the following organisations